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ever become again 2012

three sculptural pictures
from Lilian Beidler and Cyrill Lim

ever become again are three sculptural pictures that are referring to each other on different levels. Central to this work is the topic of time, which is an immanent and essential part of our process orientated work as media artists with an emphasis on sound / music.
Intrigued by the limitation of the 9 x 12 envelope, our goal was to combine these interests to create a sculptural work. As a result our triplet is thematizing sound - and therefore time - as well as the symbolic system and the relations and contrasts of material and media.

Bilder: Cyrill Lim, Lilian Beidler

ever consists of a small music box run with a perforated tape. This tape is glued together at both ends and therefore the pierced melody forms a loop. The recipients can play the music box by turning its crank.
become is a digital photo frame which shows a photo of an inactive digital wrist watch.
again is a tablet of about 30 x 22 cm made from cotton wool and cress seeds. During the exhibition the cress plants will be growing and gradually be deforming the word "sound".



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