Lilian Beidler


Advent's whistling Dixie! 2011

Pfeifkalender Pfeif21 Pfeif13 Pfeif19 Pfeif4 Pfeif14 Pfeif8 Pfeif7 Pfeif17 Pfeif18 Pfeif12 Pfeif16 Pfeif11 Pfeif2 Pfeif20 Pfeif24 Pfeif15 Pfeif9 Pfeif5 Pfeif23 Pfeif1 Pfeif6 Pfeif22 Pfeif10 Pfeif3 In 2011 I wanted to create a whistling calendar. Every day during the Advent season in December, I whistled a short piece of music and posted it to my website. I did not limit myself to a certain musical style: The pieces are a colourful mix of classical, jazz, rock and pop covers, my own arrangements, contemporary compositions and sound experiments. The result is a salmagundi of 24 witty tracks that have at least one thing in common: A lot of air coming out of curly lips!

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