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Art Education

HKB Sound Arts
Since 2017 I am teaching the at Sound Arts department Berne University of the Arts.

A Workshop about «Hardware Hacking und Musikmachen» at Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel, 2017.

An art education project about "Temporary art forms and public space" in collaboration with île flottante | Nica Giuliani & Andrea Gsell.
2016 - ongoing

Sound installation school bell
During three weeks in 2014 we replaced the sound of the school bell in Bowil with recordings of sound poems created by students of all ages.

A la recherche du temps
A one-week project in 2013 on the issue of time and music with 113 kids of the kindergarten center Saint-Imier within the program Bildung und Kultur of the canton Bern.

Imaginary Worlds and Emotional Thunderstorms
Musical theater of the spoken word with eleven-year old students - a MUS-E project.
Duration of workshop: October 2012 - January 2013.

Z Basel a mym See
Eudcation Projekte Basel: A project of musica and media arts with a class of eleven-year-old children and the Symphony Orchestra of Basel. In collaboration with Irena Müller-Brozovic and Veronika Klaus.
Duration of workshop: October 2010 - March 2011. Performance: March 2011.

Zoom in den Klang
A lecture about the history of electronic music and about instruments and compositional techniques in the 21st century followed by practical exercises of improvisation with acoustic and electronic instruments.
Held in January 2011 at the Music School Aarberg.

Make some Noise!
Short introduction about the transformation of musical sound and different listening habits. A listening walk. Building instruments out of different materials and playing together with improvisational instructions.
Held in May 2011 at Foundation Terra Vecchia in Kehrsatz.

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