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Sound and Image
  • Programme about MUS-E on Radio SRF 2012 / Alternative link

  • Preview for the movie "Emerging" from Anicia Kohler 2012

  • Preview of the Open House Day at I-Park 2012

  • Report about the Soundart-Festival Resonanzen in Leipzig in april 2010 von Efthymia Mourgela

  • Interview about pol air - hairdryer orchestra june 2009 from Janine Claßen in Bremen

  • Report about I skype you skype me am next_generation 3.0 2009 from Michael Iber

  • Interview about the studies Musik und Medienkunst february 2008 from Cécile Olshausen Radio SRF2

  • Interviews

    Interview about Media Art 2011

  • Interview about my work during INTERFACE at FFT Düsseldorf 2011

  • Newspapers / Blogs
  • running in IMAGE Magazine Fall 2013, SculpturEx Symposium CCAD Columbus OH

  • Sound Art and Artificial Sound in Education and Culture Canton of Berne 2013/14

  • ART ON DEMAND in Hämeenkyrön Sanomat, Finnland 2013

  • Blog about so föhn! from Matteo Marangoni 2010

  • Nürnberger Abendzeitung über pol air - Föhnorchester 2010

  • Texts and Publications
  • For the Trendbericht 12 der Schweizerischen Koordinationsstelle für Bildungsforschung I have written a short overview about the Education Projekt Z Basel a mym See.

  • Das Kaffee-Rauch-Ritual
    An exposition about the transformation within the fields of music production and reception based on thoughts about ritual music, muscial rituals and temporality.

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