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Schwarm 2011/12

Microphones, Amplifiers, Loud Speakers, Cables

Several modules, each consisting of a microphone, an amplifier circuit and a loudspeaker, dangle on slightly swaying cables. Each microphone is connected to a loudspeaker hanging at the same height. In this way, they produce acoustic feedback. The acoustic interferences of the many individual modules and the changing angles between microphones and loud speakers produce a wild twittering, cawing, sough, ranting and raving. As more individual modules are added, the �Swarm� becomes more uncontrollable. It develops a life of its own, a kind of a technical naturalness.
The amount of microphones and loudspeakers as well as the dimension and nature of the exhibition space have a large influence over the sound. Because of the sharp, earsplitting feedback-noise the Swarm partly eludes its potential reception.

Circuit design, technical support and pictures: Dominik Wirth

Schwarm Schwarm

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