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so föhn! 2010

interactive sound installation with hairdryers, contact microphones, dimmer, light desk, computer with MAX/MSP

Five hairdryers hang on their cables from the ceiling. One meter separates each hairdryer from the others. Opposite from each hairdryer on the wall there is a contact microphone on a round wooden board. With a light desk besides the installation you can instantly activate or deactivate the hairdryers and manipulate them into circular movements, causing them to oscillate against each other. When the air stream of the hairdryers hits the membrane of the contact microphones, the percussive sound is broadcast by four loudspeakers that surround the installation. These sounds are generated from granulated hairdryer samples and accompany the game in a playful way.

Pictures: Thomas Reichenbach, Lilian Beidler
Film: Katja Krtschek

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