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I have developed, performed and adapted the Voicetrument over the past years to different spaces in China, Switzerland, the UK and Iran.

Tehran, 2019


Performance in Bern, 2015

Performance in London, 2015

Performance in Shanghai, 2013

Voicetrument is an instrument that combines vocal and electronic sounds to interact with the performance space. Lilian Beidler uses different vocal techniques alongside delays and other electronic sounds to provoke feedback frequencies. Sensors, a joystick and a reactive glove serve as controllers for the electronics. They entail a set of gestures that might provide a basis to work with and connect to moving bodies.
Voicetrument will sound differently in each performance space as it uses the space itself, the architecture and the bodies of the audience to create its sound. It adapts to the site it is played in sonically, mirroring and processing the acoustic properties of it, creating an immersive sound performance.

Pictures: Francesco Liberti & Maru Rieben

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