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I have performed with the voicetrument in different spaces in China, Switzerland and the UK over the past few years.


Performance in Bern, 2015

Performance in London, 2015

Performance in Shanghai, 2013

The voicetrument is used for a site-specific musical performance which deals with love, fear, the omnipresence of new media and the eroticism of technical devices.

Each performance with the voicetrument is different from others as it is alsway strongly connected to the perfomance space and the local characteristic of the place. In all performances though, my human, feminin, vulnerable body acts as a counterpoint of electronic media with which it may have different kinds of dialogue: A tender, even erotic connection, a playful exchange or even a struggling fight.

Voicetrument is an instrument played with my voice and a joystick. I use feedback frequencies of the performance space and delays of different lengths along with my voice to create an immersive sound performance with the space and the audience alike.

Pictures: Francesco Liberti & Maru Rieben

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