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pol air - Föhnorchester 2009/10

played installation for eleven hairdryers, ice and eight loudspeakers

They seesaw in a circle, in blacklight but so gay, melting the ice, blowing their gear boxes raw ..


Eleven hairdriers stand on small metallic pillars of different size in a hemicycle around a small black table. A black light lamp and an orange chunk of ice hang above the table. Eight loudspeakers stand in a circle of about 8 meters diameter around the installation. When the hairdriers are blowing they are melting the ice. It starts to fluoresce and to drip onto the black slab. This drops are pushed back and forth by the blowing hairdriers and depending on their position they create different rhythmical patterns which sound out of eight loudspeakers.

I performed this piece on the
3rd of June 2009 at àSuivre HKB Bern
6th Juni 2009 at the festival OUTNOW! at Schwankhalle in Bremen
13th of June 2009 at the festival next_generation 3.0 at ZKM in Karlsruhe
14th of April 2010 at Resonanzen - Festival für Hörkunst at Schaubühne Lindenfels in Leipzig
8th of June 2010 for my final presentation SINFÖHNIE at HKB Bern
15th and 16th of June 2010 at the festival ARENA - der jungen Künste at the Markgrafentheater in Erlangen

The piece is about 13 minutes long. Following an edited version of the performance on the 8th of June 2010:

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sound: Franz David Beidler, pictures: Thomas Reichenbach

OUTNOW! Festival Podcast by Janine Claßen Kulturg.u.t. of pol air

entire podcast

trofpen föhne stageplan

Lilian Beidler,
Michael Harenberg, Thomas Reichenbach

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