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Pavilion - at Goldsmiths University 2015 from Lilian Beidler on Vimeo.

"The Pavilion can take place anywhere.
It may happen in different places simultaneously.
It is nomadic. It grows by adapting to different places.
It manifests itself through its participants.
It is a frame for collective imagination.
It is neutral space. It resembles a folly.
It is about description rather than translation.
It is a meeting place and intercultural vehicle.
ItsŐ structure is light, open and permeable.
It changes according to its participants.
It is independent, free-standing and self-sufficient but connects to its environment.
It is beautiful.
Anyone can take part."

The Pavilion took place for the first time at Goldsmiths University of London within the MA Performance Making final shows in summer 2015.
Every participant was handed a mp3 player connected to a loud speaker which played an individual audio track. Moving freely around the empty performance space, the participants entirely engaged with the 20-channel-audio-piece and shifted their perception of boundaries between them as individuals and as a collective.
The narratives (fragments from interviews with people who work on Goldsmiths campus) were accompanied by low noises of field recordings of the acoustical surroundings of the city.

Video stills: Umama Hamido

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