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The Pavilion took place for the first time at Goldsmiths University of London within the MA Performance Making final shows in summer 2015.
Every participant was handed a mp3 player connected to a loud speaker which played an individual audio track. Moving freely around the empty performance space, the participants entirely engaged with the 20-channel-audio-piece and shifted their perception of boundaries between them as individuals and as a collective.
The narratives (fragments from interviews with people who work on Goldsmiths campus) were accompanied by low noises of field recordings of the acoustical surroundings of the city.

Pavilion is an ongoing participatory and site-specific project initiated in 2015 in London, UK. It ranges between documentary, school and performance. Pavilion wants to combine an imaginary reality of every single participant with models of collective action within the existing real. Its main interest is physical and emotional knowledge exchange as the key to a just global society. In today's globalised world, where people from various cultural backgrounds share the same physical and virtual spaces, it is important to create new common rituals as a constitutive element of new common culture. Creating new rituals out of knowledge exchange between its different participants is the Pavilion's aim - in the hope of finding a common ground of humanity.

Video stills: Umama Hamido

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