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ART ON DEMAND (AOD) is a collaborative participatory project. Its primary aim is to make art accessible by taking it out of the expected exhibition spaces and bringing it to targeted private spaces, creating tailor-made works that are intimate, useful and immersive.

There are two keystones to AOD:
1. The AOD Actions - performed by AOD member artists as well as satellite artists. "Exploring by doing".
2. AOD Reflections - A theoretical component consisting of reviews, essays, and articles written by AOD members and contributors.

AOD is interested in creating an international network of artists that will perform, interact and write about accessibility, value, economics and intimacy.

The inaugural AOD-action was held in Hameenkyrö, Finland in February 2013. The menu was offering a variety of artistic experiences and/or tangible custom-made items like for example an on-site drawn picture or a site-specific saxophone improvisation.
The menu was distributed around the community prior and an article was published in the local paper to advertise this one-day event. Customers could order in advance or on the actual day. Six deliveries were made that day over a spread out, remote community.
AOD Hämeenkyrö

On June 14 2013 the second AOD-action took place in Beijing. Besides me participating artists were Noah Schenk (conceptual artist, USA) and Wang Zi (pantomime, China). The action was hold in a small village in the outskirts of Beijing. Instead of waiting for calls, we mounted a poster of the menu on the AOD MOBILE BEIJING (tricycle) and wandered around the village. Orders were directly accepted and delivered to people.
AOD Beijing

AOD aims to be an international network of artists who explore different facets of the concept by collaborating, performing and reflecting. The name sees itself as a branding and the website as a pot to document the activities of participating artits and their networking. I am interested in any ideas, proposals and collaborations regarding AOD!
Please get in touch: info[at]a-o-d.org or contact form

Updates of current activities / blogging: Facebook site

Founding members: Benten Clay, Pilar Mata Dupont, Brenna Noonan, Vanessa Vaughan

AOD Hämeenkyrö

AOD Beijing


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