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Ich will bis zum Tod. 2012

A site-specific intervention from île flottante | Nica Giuliani & Andrea Gsell and Lilian Beidler for "Kunst sieht Architektur" at Ausstellungsraum visarte aargau at Trudelhaus in Baden, November 23 2012 till January 19 2012.

île flottante and Lilian Beidler focus on the slim gap between the original brickwork of the Trudelhaus and the walls which have been installed in the sixties. The artists use this space both physically and figuratively as a room for the reflection and reverberation of existential artistic questions. In his diary entries Hans Trudel is trying to find a justification for his existence as an artist in a very insistent and unmistakable way. He is also concerned by the ambivalence between the middle-class and the artistic visions of life. Present-day visitors hark to his escaping words. The only thing that remains is the blank space between the walls of the exhibition design and the original brickwork which once defined the work and living space of the artist.

Ich will bis zum Tod. - sample

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