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floconnes 2010

a sound installation with île flottante | Nica Giuliani & Andrea Gsell

Photomontage: Nica Giuliani

The sound installation "floconnes" creates a poetic soundscape which welcomes visitors on their way to the Fondation Beyeler and the ongoing exhibition of Jenny Holzer during the museums night 2010 in Basel. The piece is comprised out of three sound levels.

One level simulates an accustic snow flurry within different weather moods. Each "sound flake" stands for a received pixel of the LED works of Jenny Holzer. The more people present in the Fondation Beyeler and in front of Jenny Holzer's works, the denser the snow flurry becomes.
The second sound level broaches the issue of the museums night as a large-scale public event and puts it at odds with the reception of the work. Every so often, voice and sound fragments of the conversations inside permeate the composition and, for several moments, drown out the poetic atmosphere.
On the third sound level the fallen snow accumulates to a sound cover on the floor throughout the course of the night, and the alley to the Fondation Beyeler becomes accustically covered in snow.

"floconnes" was playing during eight hours at the museums night 2010 at the park of the Fondation Beyeler. On the recording there are two extracts: The first one after about three hours and the second one briefly before the end.

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