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2009, with Mohéna Kühni, Cyrill Lim, David Muther und Lilian Beidler

The idea for this performance was developed during a project week with the topic "Network" and was performed in March 2009.


netwalk A network connects several places. Today the internet is probably the most explicit networking media - where daily trillions of data is being transferred, "pushed" back and forth. For the user though those codes in its pure form - the hypertext - are not comprehensible nor useful.


With "NetWalk" we tried to realize this intangible form of communication, to transfer it to the material world.


Equipped with 10km bast fiber we connected two locations of Bern city. One group started from the northern part of Bern, the other one from the south, and we met in the middle. During the walk we pulled the bast fibre behind us and affixed it on nodal points along the way.

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