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I skype you skype me 2008

from Lilian Beidler and Cyrill Lim

i skype you skype me

The performers are located on opposite sides of the stage. Simultaneously they start the Skype software on their computers and call each other. Due to the physical proximity of the two laptops, the Skype audio systems start to feedback. The performers try to reinforce the feedback by adjusting the position of the laptops with their integrated loudspeakers and microphones. When the performers start to slowly move towards each other the feedback gets more and more intense.
As performers, they are at the disposal of the media that is attempting to communicate. This is in addition to the intangible Internet connection powering Skype and also with the physical attributes of our laptop speakers and microphones.

This piece was written and premiered 2008 in Bern. We were invited to perform it at the festival next_generation 3.0 in June 2009.
Michael Iber made a radio feature about the festival in general and this piece in particular.

listen to the radio feature in German

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