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Smoke under Water 2006

musical glasses
beatboxing under water
female and male voice under water


Plunge in chime and fume where liquid sounds with percussive variegation melt into glassy rhithms ..

suw2 The five performers stand on stage, three of them in front of a bowl filled with water, the fourth in front of several musical glasses, and the fifth is a smoker to the side. The smoker slowly lights a cigarette - silence. Suddenly, one bowl emits a reddish shine and immediatly the first performer leans down to the water and begins to sing. The second bowl then glows blue-green and the second performer bends down and begins to beatbox under the water. Shortly thereafter, the other voice and the musical glasses step in as well, and gradually a bubbly floating sound composition emerges. Occasionnally the smoker takes a drag of his cigarette and silences the underwater choir momentarily.

"Smoke under Water" is a reference to the song "Smoke on the Water" by the English rock band Deep Purple.


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smoke under water

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