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tors-tors 2010

sound installation with hairdryers, concrete sockets, bicycle wheels, wood, bottles, water

Two circular wooden boards, each with a diameter of 1.25 meters, are mounted on two horizontal bicycle wheels that are attached to a cocrete socket. They stand side by side. On each wheel there are several glass bottles filled with different amounts of water. On a stand beside each board there is a hairdryer that is directed at the bottles. By blowing into them, the hairdryers turn the wheels while simultaneously causing the bottles to sound.
The rotary pace varies due to the differing strengths of the hairdryer�s engines. This delays the rhythmical and melodic patterns of the two turning tables in relation to each other.

Pictures: Thomas Reichenbach, Lilian Beidler
Film: Katja Krtschek, sound recording: Franz David Beidler

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