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Smoke under Water 2006

musical glasses
beatboxing under water
female and male voice under water


Plunge in chime and fume where liquid sounds with percussive variegation melt into glassy rhithms ..

suw2 "Smoke under Water" is a piece for smoke, musical glasses, beatbox and female and male voice.
In this order from the left to the right the interpreters stand on the stage. In front of each of them rises a wooden framework coated with a black drapery. Light bulbs in different colors are attached inside those frames.

The somker has just one smaller bowl on a higher shelf. His face is illuminated by a floodlight from the right side.
On the musical glasses shelf there are four red wine glasses wich get tuned by pouring different quantities of water into them. They are lit with red, blue and green light from the bottom.
In front of the beatboxer and the singers there are bigger bowls with water in it on frameworks. Those are as well lighted with the three colors.

The whole piece is controlled by the colored bulbs. Depending on the color combination wich can only be seen in cloudy water (aniseed sirup!) the performers are instructed to produce certain notes and sounds.
The smoker is the director of the piece and it's his responsability to define the rests: Whenever he takes a drag of his cigarette and afterwards exhales smoke into the cone of light the orchestra keeps silent.

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smoke under water

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