< Lilian Beidler - Voicetrument and Whirling

Voicetrument and Whirling

with Neda Notash, Tehran (2019)

Lilian Beidler plays the Voicetrument, an electronic instrument played with her voice and different controllers. Neda Notash is a contemporary dancer fascinated with the culture of Whirling dance. They joined their backgrounds to devise a performance which works with a set of symbols that connect the Sufi tradition to the lyrics of one of the oldest Swiss folk songs:

«There is a human on this earth,
I would like to be with.
And if he cannot be mine,
of sorrow I will die.
Down there in the valley,
a millwheel is turning.
It is milling love
by day, and by night.»

© Lilian Beidler 2019